Our Services as a Dealership Alternative

CT Autoworks proudly delivers fast and comprehensive Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi service and repairs in Ringwood and surrounding suburbs. Operating as a dealership alternative we perform a range of premium service and repairs in line with your car’s manufacturer guidelines, see below for a list of services we provide.

DSG Service

Vehicles fitted with 6 speed wet clutch DSG gearboxes require service at regular intervals of 60,000km.


  • Replacement DSG Filter + seal
  • Drain & Refill DSG oil
  • Basic settings of transmission & adaptive drive

Pricing from: $450

Logbook Servicing

Getting your vehicle serviced in line with manufacturer specifications is important. It was designed to be looked after by following a schedule which ensures its reliability will last. Whilst money can be saved in the short run by choosing ‘cheaper’ services, this generally leads to larger repair bills in the future. Feel free to discuss your vehicles special needs with us today.

Although all our services use premium products and approved fluids this service will also cover us checking your logbook for any outstanding items.

Typically, items which could be overlooked are:

  • DSG Oil & Filter (60k/4 year intervals)
  • Haldex oil (3 year intervals)
  • Spark plugs (60k/4 years)
  • Pollen filter (2 year intervals)
  • Brake fluid (2 year intervals)
  • Engine air filter (45k intervals)
  • Fuel filter (60k intervals)

*Guidelines are for VW/AUDI Group vehicles.

Pricing: Varies

Basic Service

Vehicles over 3 years old – Perhaps the vehicle you own is not driven frequently but you’d still like it checked out annually. This option might suit you, It embodies a ‘basic’ or ‘minor’ service. We will check over your vehicle as we do in all our services – providing a comprehensive report upon completion.


  • New engine oil + oil filter
  • Safety check Brakes, steering, tyres & suspension
  • Levels, air pressure topped up & lights checked
  • Diagnostic scan and resetting of service lamp
  • Complete condition report

Prices from: $285.00 incl. GST

*Please note some 4×4 and commercial vehicles may require additional materials.


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Quotes available upon request and will be discussed at vehicle drop off.

APR Performance upgrades


APR engineer only the highest quality tuning solutions for Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. We can perform upgrades to your vehicle to ensure you get the results you want. From a simple yet effective stage 1 tune right through to turbo upgrades, big brake kits and suspension components.

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